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53 Life Changing Manifestation Journal Prompts

53 manifestation journal prompts to set goals, build confidence, and attract money, your dream career, and your ideal partner.

I love manifesting, but I’ll be the first one to admit that it’s challenging to do. I sit there, trying to think of what I want to invite into my life. Do I choose money, clear skin, a secret romance? I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this dilemma. 

Instead of making it hard on myself and plucking ideas out of thin air, I’ve compiled a database of manifestation journal prompts to get started using the law of attraction to build your dream life.

If you want to give your life rocket fuel to success, love journaling, and want to get started with a manifesting journal, then this article is for you. 

What Is Manifestation and Manifestation Journaling?

Manifestation uses the law of attraction – whatever energy you give out is the energy you receive back.

It uses positive thoughts and actions to transform something that isn’t yet there, into reality. This is usually a desire around life goals, financial abundance, your love life, or other aspects of your personal life, such as your dream home or dream car.

Programming your mind to tell it you will achieve what you want undoes limiting beliefs (e.g., I can do this thing, instead of I can’t do this thing). 

Language of manifestation uses confident phrasing such as ‘I am’ or ‘I can,’ as it focuses on what you are capable of doing rather than what you are lacking. For example, ‘I want to’ shows you desire something, but doesn’t use the affirming language or present tense that manifesting requires to work. 

You can also negatively manifest. If you believe you didn’t get enough sleep last night, your mind will tell you that you are tired and, therefore, your body will act tired.

However, when you use the skill for good instead of “evil,” you can overcome a restrictive mindset and limiting beliefs, creating new capabilities and turning your dream life into reality.

Manifestation journaling applies these principals to your journal, through techniques like scripting, the 55 x 5 method, and by using manifesting journal prompts.

An image from a journal with a manifestation written out, which focuses on healthy eating

What Are The Benefits Of Manifestation?

Highly successful people use manifestation, including Oprah Winfrey, who had an extremely difficult and traumatic childhood. She has transformed people’s lives and is now worth $2.5 billion.

Its benefits include giving your life direction and reducing anxiety because your choices feel more in control, and you work to gain clarity around your goals. The act of having to positively invite new experiences into your life shifts a negative mindset, which can help alleviate depression.

It’s also a technique to kickstart you into action because you have clear, decisive goals to work toward in building your dream life. Instead of aimlessly wandering, knowing that you want to do something more but don’t know what, the manifestation process gives you a distinct path forward.

How To Use a Manifestation Practice to Achieve Your Dream Life

Maybe you’re all up for manifestation, but you have no clue how to bring it into your life effectively. These manifestation journal ideas are an incredible way to start because they give your goals a clear structure. 

You can keep a separate Manifestation of Law of Attraction Journal specifically for them, write them out on a daily basis or even keep a note on your phone.

Having your manifestations somewhere visual, like on a post-it note or as your laptop background, is another way to ensure you are working towards more joy, better physical health, your dream vacation – whatever your dreams are – 24/7.  Kind of like having a word of the month, which can work in tandem.

What Should You Avoid When Manifesting?

You need to steer clear of words that indicate you’re lacking something. For example, saying you want gorgeous hair sends the message to your subconscious that your hair is currently unacceptable.

If you change it to, ‘I love my hair. I have beautiful hair. My hair is healthy and long,’ etc., you are going to start viewing your hair from that positive perspective. You may then begin carrying out actions to achieve what you already believe—for instance, eating foods that encourage hair growth because you want to maintain the hair you love.

If saying you already have something feels like a bit of stretch, focus on a statement you already believe. Perhaps you like the color of your hair, how shiny it is, or you congratulate yourself on drinking water to hydrate your body. Whatever it is, make sure it’s accurate enough to believe fully, then slowly work toward larger goals once you are comfortable with manifesting.

What Areas of Your Life Can You Use Law of Attraction Journaling?

Below, I’ve listed a few different categories you might want to focus on for a successful manifestation.

  • Setting goals and building good habits
  • Self-confidence and overcoming negative thoughts
  • Prompts to become a money magnet, feel abundant, and manifest money into your life
  • Journal prompts for achieving big dreams in your career
  • Manifestation journal prompts to attract your ideal relationship

Have a look through each topic and the prompts they include then choose ones that feel right to you.

Then, begin a daily practice in your journal, focusing on the highest priority in your life (e.g., figuring out your career), or something you have a burning desire to achieve (e.g. body positivity and self-acceptance). 

Manifestation Journal Prompts To Set Goals

1. I am going to achieve [fill in the goal] by doing [insert how].

2. I can achieve my goal to [fill in your goal] because [how/why are you capable?].

3. I have a strong mindset, and that is why I can achieve [insert what you desire].

4. I clearly see myself [e.g., getting an A+ report card, securing that job promotion] because I am currently doing [fill in what you are doing to achieve these goals].

5. I am able to get what I want because [insert qualities you have that help you toward your dreams].

6. I am confident I will succeed doing [XYZ] because I plan to [insert plan of action].

7. Three things that will help me achieve my goals are [write down three things].

8. I know exactly what I want to do in life because my goal is to [fill in the blank].

9. My long-term goal is to [insert], and I will get there by doing these three short-term goals [add three].

10. My highest priority right now is to [add goal you want to achieve], and I will focus on it by [fill in how you will reach that priority]. 

Manifestation Journal Prompts For Self-Confidence

11. I am confident in my body because [insert what you are doing to increase your confidence].

12. I love myself because [fill in the things you love about yourself].

13. I do [XYZ] to increase my confidence and self-esteem.

14. I achieve anything I want because the challenging things I have overcome in the past are [fill in any difficulties you’ve conquered].

15. I can overcome any doubts I have when I do [add what you can do to overcome fear].

16. The qualities I have for self-confidence are [list positive attributes about yourself, e.g. not afraid of a challenge, a learner, etc.’].

17. I can improve my confidence today by [XYZ].

18. I am already confident in [write one thing you feel capable of doing well].

19. Three things I do daily that improve my confidence are [insert three things, one can be manifestation!].

20. I believe in myself because I am doing [XYZ] to improve my self-esteem.

Attraction Journal Prompts For Financial Income

21. I will earn [insert amount of money] by [insert date] by doing [fill in what you will do to achieve this money].

22. I invite financial income into my life by [e.g., saying yes, trying new things, learning, etc.].

23. The opportunities I have to earn money include [add anything that presents you with the chance to earn].

24. I am capable of improving my finances because I have already improved [note something an area you’ve progressed in your life. E.g., nutrition, exercise, job, mental health].

25. The qualities I have to earn more money are [insert beneficial traits].

26. I have unlimited potential to increase my finances because I am [add characteristics you need to succeed].

27. My experience in [fill in the blank] will help me achieve my financial goals because [what knowledge do you have that will help you with your money goals?].

28. I accept becoming financially free will be challenging, and that is why [write what you will do to overcome the difficulties of earning more].

29. When I have earned [insert amount of money], I will [write what you will do with your finances].

30. [Fill in the blank] are the reasons I will earn more money.

Law of Attraction Journal Prompts For Dream Career

31. The precise career I want is [fill in career], and I can achieve it by [fill in how you will reach your dream career].

32. I am doing [XYZ] to reach my ultimate career goals. 

33. Doing [what can you do now?] helps me accomplish my dream job because [why will it help you in the future?].

34. I can do the job I want because [what skills or experience do you have that enables you to reach your ideal career?].

35. The opportunities I have to enhance my career are [XYZ].

36. My ultimate job is [fill in the blank], and my plan to reach my job goals is [what short-term actions can you do now?].

37. I can achieve [insert dream job] by [insert date] by doing [fill in a plan of action].

38. I am excelling in my career because [XYZ].

39. The first step toward my desired career is [insert a step you can take].

40. I envision doing [fill in the blank] in my job/

Manifestation Journal Prompts For Relationships

41. I communicate effectively and clearly with my friends/family/partner by [fill in how you have healthy discussions].

42. I can spend more time with my loved ones by doing [fill in the blank] activities.

43. I am ready to receive and accept love because I [fill in what you do] to love and accept myself.

44. I am confident the person I am waiting for will find me because [note down why you are ready to embrace that person into your life].

45. Three things I forgive myself for in past relationships are [insert three things].

46. I am doing [XYZ] to express my love to my partner/family/friends.

47. I am working on these aspects of myself [add areas of your life you can improve] to achieve better relationships.

48. I do [fill in the blank] to show that I love myself and therefore love other people.

49. I can have healthy, happy relationships because [what do you do that helps you in a relationship?].

50. Three incredible traits I bring to relationships are [add three positive aspects of yourself].

51. I have long-lasted friendships because [what are you doing to ensure your friendships continue?].

52. I am open to new relationships by doing [XYZ].

53. These three actions [insert actions] allow opportunities for relationships to bloom.

Manifesting Your Dreams Using Journaling and Journal Prompts

If you’re unclear how to get started, pick one of the above categories that align with your goals. Choose a few journal prompts to get you started and tweak them to suit you. You can keep them in a separate manifestation journal, read them aloud every night, stick them on post-it notes around your house or write them out a few times a day. 

Remember, it’s essential not just to read your manifestations but kick start them into action. Turn up consistently to start seeing results and rework them as your priorities and goals change. 

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