Meet PageFlutter

Hey, there!

I’m Katie, the voice behind Page Flutter. For as long as I remember, I’ve loved being creative, and am especially a huge fan of stationery, pens, stickers, and beautiful notebooks.

I took over this site from founder Megan, who even wrote a book on journalling!

While I don’t have as much experience as Megan, I can’t wait to share my journey as I explore journaling, planning for my best life, improving my productivity, and embracing being creative.

Whether you want to get in touch with your own creativity, or are looking for tools to improve your life, one marker stroke at a time, I hope you find PageFlutter is a valuable resource.

Journaling is a wonderful way to plan everything from your day-to-day chores to the steps you need to take to make your long-term dreams become reality, and can also infuse your life with beauty, joy, and excitement.

I believe you can train your inspiration, creativity, and an abundance mindset like a muscle, exercising it through planning and journaling activities that I’ll share with you.

I hope Page Flutter can be a place for you to start building your best life, and making today the first step on your journey.