How to Create a Billionaire Morning Routine Using Your Journal

Successful people have a successful routine, and if you’re creating a routine for success, you might as well go big and build a billion dollar morning routine! This article is all about using your journal to create routines for financial freedom, including taking habits from a billionaire morning routine to add to your own morning routine.

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Does becoming a billionaire sound up your street?

While most of us wouldn’t say no to financial freedom, I understand why it seems out of reach for many people.

How can you ever make that much money?

Surely billionaires only make their dollars off good luck or a family fortune?

Yes, some billionaires get a financial head start. But others create luck and opportunities for themselves, including people like Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg.

The following article gives you a brief overview of what a billion dollar morning routine can look like, why it should become an essential part of your morning routine and journaling routine, and how you can kick start a productive day with self-care and multi-million dollar habits.

What Is A Billionaire Morning Routine?

At the core of it, a billionaire morning routine means you’re working on your mindset and limiting beliefs each day, starting with the crucial first few hours of the day.

It includes habits that help you begin the morning with positivity, self-love, energy, and a focus on reaching your full potential.

And it helps you focus on what you want (financial freedom is a big part of it in this case) and how to get there – which is the secret to achieving your goals!

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When you look after yourself for a particular purpose, you use a form of directional self care. It’s a fail-proof way to turn dreams into reality as long as you turn up consistently (which is where journaling can help!).

How Do I Create A Successful Morning Routine?

Creating a successful billion dollar morning routine is similar to any other routine – and you do it by identifying the habits you want to have, and the existing habits you have that you need to change to get there.

Journaling is the perfect medium for habit change, because you can track your current morning routine in your journal, write down your ideal one next to it, and figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

What do you need to do?

Is it going to bed early, prepping breakfast the night before, or creating a relaxing space?

Morning routines don’t have to be all or nothing. You can play around with them, adapt them depending on your day, or shorten them to one minute. One minute of meditation is better than none!

Learn more about creating your ideal morning routine here.

No Sleep Followed by a Cold Shower…Does a Billion Dollar Morning Routine Have to Be Miserable?

There’s a misconception that billionaires get up ridiculously early, do “healthy” things that don’t sound fun at all (I’m talking about you, cold showers and skipping a morning coffee), and work late into the night.

If that were true, they’d become massively sleep-deprived and never have the energy to do anything!

While some billionaires may burn the candle at both ends, sleep is a significant priority for many billionaires…if not most of them! When you lack sleep, it impairs your concentration, nervous system, decision-making, and overall well-being.

So sleep until a reasonable time each morning, and have that cup of coffee.

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And make your morning easier by creating a great evening routine the night before. Drinking herbal tea before bed, having a warm shower, or some light stretching can help you get a good night’s rest.

A good evening includes some self care and reduces stress, and will get you ready to start the next day on the right foot.

Create a Billion Dollar Morning Routine for Yourself

So what does a billion dollar morning routine entail?

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is rule 101 regarding the billionaire’s morning routine. You will get more done, feel satisfied, and make good headway toward your goals when you rest your brain and body.

Devise an effective evening routine to supercharge your beauty sleep.

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Avoid caffeine, heavy foods, and screens before bed. Swap them out for chamomile tea and an enjoyable book to promote an incredible night’s rest. You can track your sleep in your journal to see if you’re getting enough rest.

It’s okay if you don’t always sleep like an angel. Try your best. If it’s not great, you get to try again the next night.

Don’t Get Up Last Minute 

If you want an effective morning routine on your path to financial freedom, you’ll need to create space for one.

That means not leaping out of bed and scrambling into a pair of crumpled jeans to leave the house just in time. 

Ask yourself what you need to do to create a relaxing and peaceful start to your day. If you have kids, consider them. You might have to shorten your routine to fit around their schedule. You don’t have to rise at 5 am, but get up early enough that you’re not rushing through your practice.

Recall Your Dreams

When I first read about this step, I thought it was about focusing on your big dreams in life. It turns out it’s actually about remembering and reflecting on what you dreamt of last night. 

There are common symbols in dreams across the world, and by remembering them, you can figure out what may be playing through your subconscious thoughts. 

For example, dreams of drowning can mean you feel overwhelmed, and symbols of butterflies signal that you’re happy with your social life.

Keep a dream journal by writing down what you remember first thing in the morning. you could also incorporate this into a brain dump or morning pages practice.

However, don’t just record them. Act on your dreams. What do they mean to you? Is there anything you need to do in your day to reduce dreams of anxiety or fear? Sometimes dreams are just a medley of the previous day, but often they can signify unprocessed thoughts, deeper feelings, or unresolved trauma that affect your day-to-day life.

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Make Your Bed

Did you know, people who make the bed are more likely to exercise?

It’s because the small act of making your bed requires discipline and becomes a habit. It starts the day showing that you care about yourself and your surrounding environment.

And that self love mindset follows people throughout the day as they continue to make small and healthy decisions.

When you complete the simple task of making your bed, you provide evidence to your brain that you can consistently show up for something, even if you don’t feel like it. The tiny act is like a little brain coach, telling your mind you can do hard things, each and every day.

So don’t underestimate the power of a well-fluffed pillow!

Drink Water Then Take Your Vitamins & Probiotics

You lose a lot of water when you sleep just from breathing. Therefore, one of the first things you need is to replenish your thirst with a tall glass of water. When you are hydrated, you have better energy, clarity, and focus, allowing you to achieve more and have a more productive day.

Warm water with a twist of lemon is a great way to activate your digestive system. I only do this occasionally because it’s more effort, but it does make me feel good. Try to sip the water rather than gulp it down, as that can cause bloating and discomfort.

Ensure you take your vitamins and probiotics first, so you don’t forget them. Evidence suggests that vitamins are absorbed more effectively with a meal, so consume with a nutritious breakfast to get the full effects, ideally with some protein to start the day. Many people are deficient in vitamin D, so it’s my top pick. Omega 3 is also incredible for your body, so consider adding it to your routine.


Meditation is the art of being aware of your thoughts and feelings without becoming absorbed. It’s also the practice of being present – when you aren’t thinking about the future or dwelling on the past.

You don’t have to sit in silence to achieve mental calm. You can practice walking meditation in your daily routine, which is when you attune your mind to notice how your feet and body move and feel. It helps you focus on the present task rather than experiencing scattered thoughts that might cause anxiety, negative emotions, and a lack of concentration.

Move Your Body

Everyone knows exercise is excellent for you, but you don’t have to be pumping weights. Light stretching and walking are enough to reduce stress levels and wake up your body.

Moving your body helps increase your blood flow and oxygen around your brain and body so you feel more alert. Minimizing feelings of sluggishness through movement creates productive and optimistic energy for your day.

Journal: Create a To Be, To-Feel, and To-Do List

You’ve probably heard of a to-do list, but what on earth is a to-be and feel list?

Journaling is a well-recommended practice in morning routines.

However, there is so much advice about the ‘best way.’ Since a billionaire morning routine is all about mindset, I recommend using a To-Be List and a To-Feel List to work on your mindset.

To-Be List

The to-be list identifies who you want to show up as and the type of person you want to be today.

It gives you a direction of the kind of person you are working on becoming. Maybe it’s to be organized, creative, playful, calm, or focused.

It’s an excellent tip for billionaires in the making because you can’t become something you don’t believe you are.

Work on that belief by asking yourself who you want to be so you can make daily progress.

To-Feel List

Your to-be list is a great way to inform your to-feel list. How do you want to feel today? If you’re going to be organized, your motive may be that you want to feel calm with less stress. 

Knowing how you want to feel directs your choices throughout the day. If you want to experience calmness, you might opt to do some relaxing work, not push yourself, and take things slow.

To-Do List

Your to-be and to-feel influence your to-do list. You can note down everything you need to do and choose the top three things that align with your other lists. If you want to be an independent person and feel confident, maybe your to-do list includes making that call you’ve been putting off.

Anyone Can Follow A Billionaire Morning Routine

A billionaire morning routine is about taking care of your mind, body, and soul and working toward a positive mindset. You need to be consistent if you want to achieve your money-making goals! 

Get enough sleep, connect with your feelings, hydrate yourself, and move your body. Don’t forget to ask yourself who you want to be today so you can work on becoming that person. These habits combined help you become the most productive, energetic, and focused version of yourself.

You’ll be a billionaire in no time. Well…almost no time.

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