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How to Start Manifesting: 7 Practical Steps To Start A Manifestation Journal

Are you interested in turning your dreams into a reality, but you have no clue how to get there? Manifestation is a technique to focus your energy, skills, and talents to get what you want. In this article, I want to share what manifestation is, why using it in your journal is beneficial and the top seven steps to getting you there.

If you’re wondering how to start manifesting, keep reading!

What Is A Manifestation Journal?

Manifestation is a technique to turn your desires into reality.

A manifestation journal is when you dedicate a specific journal for writing down and practicing your manifestations. They are statements in your journal telling you that you will achieve something and how you will do it.

For example, ‘I will become a billionaire by 31st December 2024. ’

(and if you like that idea of being financially free, check out how to create a billionaire morning routine). 

The Benefits Of Journaling For Manifestation

Manifestation improves focus and direction in life to reach your goals. It gives you control of your destiny which reduces anxiety and depression. When you use your journal, you create a space to read and manifest your intentions, overcome your limiting beliefs, and start manifesting to help harness the law of attraction!

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The 7 Step Manifestation Process (Using Your Journal)

Figure Out What You Want And How You’re Going To Get It

Many people make the mistake of being too vague about their desires. For example, ‘I want more money, or, ‘I want to be successful.’ 

That’s great, but you need to name a specific amount of money or define what success means to you.

The first step in the manifestation process is to drill down into the specifics.

When your manifestation is too ambiguous, there’s no direction on how you will get there. It’s like arriving in a town without a specific address. You could wander for days without finding where you need to go. Wouldn’t it be better to have the exact zip code?

To manifest, you need to be precise with what you want and set a deadline to acquire it.

If you want to be successful, does that mean writing a bestseller, losing weight, or achieving a high grade in your education? How long will it take?

Identifying how much you want to earn is crucial if you want more money. One million dollars is a specific number and knowing you want to achieve the goal in five years gives you a timeline.

You also need to know how you’re going to reach those goals. What are the exact steps you’re going to take?

You can figure these out by looking at the big picture and breaking it down. Start small if you want to earn one million dollars by May 2030. Focus on how you’re going to make your first two-hundred dollars. Is it by creating and selling something? If so, what are you going to make and where are you going to sell it? How much do you need to charge, and how many must you sell to get your two hundred?

How To Use Your Journal in the Manifesting process

Get out your journal and jot down everything you want to manifest and focus on your highest priority (don’t try and do multiple manifestations at the same time because it will dilute your attention).

Once you’ve decided, turn what you want into a specific statement. Make sure you say, ‘I will,’ not, ‘I want,’ as saying you want something lacks the confidence to achieve your goals.

A template of the statement might look like the one below:

I will [ ] by  [ ]. I will  [ ] to achieve my goal. My plan is to  [ ].

For example, ‘I will [e.g., earn one million dollars] by [May 2030]. I will [e.g., create a successful business about caterpillars] to achieve my goal. I plan to [e.g., learn about caterpillars for one year, write a book about caterpillars, use the money to start the business, market caterpillars to high-profile people].’

Write Your Manifestation Down And Read It Aloud

Writing down your manifestation is extremely important. Otherwise, it’s like memorizing a quote from a textbook without ever reading it. When you repeat your intention, your brain sees the words and finds it easier to visualize. Make sure you read it at a particular time in the day to ensure you’re consistent. A good time is first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

How To Use Your Journal

You can use a journal specifically for manifestation or write it in your everyday bullet journal. Make the page unique so you can easily find it, or take the page out and put it somewhere you can see it.

You can also use a habit tracker to ensure you’re saying your manifestation out loud daily throughout your manifesting journey.

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Actively Pursue Your Goals

People think that manifestation is a load of hippy nonsense that doesn’t work, but tell that to successes like Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey, who have used the practice. Manifesting works!

However, manifestation works only works if you put the intention into action. 

You can’t wait around repeating the affirmation without actively doing anything to work toward it. Unfortunately, your dreams don’t fall out of the sky. You have to climb up and reach them!

Break down your overall goal into small, actionable steps. For example, if you want to earn two-thousand dollars a month, you might write, ‘Get two new clients who pay $600 by the end of the month by contacting relevant companies.’ Or, ‘Make one hundred candles, set profitable price, and market products to 200 people by the end of the month.’

It’s vital to be consistent and turn up every day even if you don’t want to.

Turning up doesn’t always mean smashing your goals. It can be something as small as five-minutes working towards your manifestation.

As some greats have said, it’s not willpower that gets you success. It’s discipline. That word gets a bad rep, but essentially it means creating positive habits and consistently practicing them. 

Implementing habits and routines that help you attract things and goals makes the process easier.

Visualize The Process, STARTING IN THE PRESENT TENSE, Not Just The End Result

If you want your manifestation to take hold, you need to see it. However, it’s essential to not focus on the end goal but on the process (or mini-goals) for how you will get there, which is the most crucial part! Lie back and visualize the process leading to the result by thinking about your plan step by step. What are you doing? What can you smell, feel, and see? What are you wearing?

You also need the visualization to be realistic because concentrating on the result often feels overwhelming. Seeing $10 go into your bank account for selling one item is more straightforward to picture than focusing on $10,000. Start small and visualize the steps you are taking in the present tense rather than keeping your eyes on the finish line.


A vision board is great for this. You can create it in your journal by printing or cutting images from magazines that align with your goal. Get out the vision board and focus on each image every day.

Evoke Emotions When You’re Reading Or Visualizing Your Manifestation

The strongest memories are the ones that have an emotional attachment. That’s why you’re more likely to remember very challenging or beautiful parts of your life rather than the day-to-day. 

If you’re mechanically reading out your manifestation or running through images in your head just because you ‘should,’ you’re not giving it much thought. It might as well be your grocery list written on that piece of paper.

Instead, practice how you want to feel and bring real positive energy to your manifestation journey.

What is it like when you take the steps toward your end goal? Do you feel confident? Are you smiling and enjoying the work?

You might not be that way now, and that’s okay. Simply try to be self-assured and ensure you’re staying positive while you’re manifesting.

How does it feel when you reach your money goal? You might be overjoyed and feel a whoop of triumph in your stomach. 

When you read your manifestation, say it with confidence and emotion to trick your subconscious into believing it’s true.

How To Use Your Journal in your manifestation JOURNEY

Write about how you want to feel and use your notes to incorporate emotion when you’re manifesting.

Address Limiting Beliefs

The main problem you might face with manifestation is not truly believing you can do it. For example, if your dream is to work for Google, you won’t even bother applying for the job if you don’t feel good enough. You think, ‘What’s the point? I won’t get it anyway.’ However, even if you go for it and don’t get it, you’re still proving to your brain that you’re capable.

How To Use Your Journal

Write down any limitations about yourself and your goals, and note how you can overcome them.

Understand Your Manifestation May Not Arrive In The Way You Thought

You may have a precise plan in your manifestation, but you can’t control everything, so you must open yourself up to whatever the universe gives you.

My friend said she had been concentrating on manifesting small amounts of money, so she sought opportunities to gain it. She ideally wanted more clients but also applied for a dance job, and months later was hired to do a few hours a week. The money allowed her to keep afloat while setting up her business, allowing her to find more clients.

You might have a particular path you want to follow, but you need to be open and flexible to however it reaches you. It’s like the saying, ‘Love comes along when you’re least expecting it.’ The concept is also true for manifestation.

Manifestations Help You Achieve Your Life Ambitions

A manifestation journal is a powerful way to take charge of your life goals. It can take time, but as long as you remain consistent and trust the process, you will get there.

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