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Six-Word Story Challenge (#PFSixWordChallenge): May Prompts!

You asked for them, so here they are: May’s Six-Word Story Challenge Prompts (#PFSixWordChallenge) are live on Instagram!

Six-Word Story Challenge: May Prompts | pageflutter.com | These challenges are so fun and inspiring! Write a six-word story each day based on the prompt. Take the challenge!

| Six-Word Story Challenge (#PFSixWordChallenge): May Prompts! |

I was completely blown away by your enthusiasm and ingenuity in April, and I know May will be even better. There was so much mutual support and encouragement in the group; your positivity is catching! You’re all incredible, and I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my crazy writing adventure.

Now, on with the challenge!

Printable MAY Challenge Sheet

Repost my challenge graphic in your Instagram feed for easy reference, then grab the FREE printable PDF (A5 size) and paste it into your journal.


Six-Word Story Challenge: May Prompts | pageflutter.com | Bring some creativity to your day with tiny six-word stories. Take the challenge!**CLICK IMAGE TO PRINT**

How to Play…

Six words, that’s all you get. Try to put them together in a way that feels like a complete story, but also take the opportunity to experiment. Have fun with it!

  • You are welcome to use the prompt words in your story, but it’s not required at all. Write whatever sparks in your mind.
  • Be sure to tag your stories on Instagram with #PFSixWordChallenge so we can all see them.
  • Tag me (@PageFlutter ), so I can give your awesome story a shoutout!
  • Not on Instagram? No worries; just play along on my Facebook page!
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Remember: It’s not about having the “best” 6-word story.
It’s about inspiration, so have fun & take creative risks!

If you need a little help getting started, check out my 6-Word Story board on Pinterest. For those of you looking to turn your six-word stories into larger projects, you can check out my board devoted to the craft of writing. Happy journaling!

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2 thoughts on “Six-Word Story Challenge (#PFSixWordChallenge): May Prompts!”

  1. Gez Butterworth

    It’s been an incredible April! I was dreading April, talk about synchronicity, l found your beautiful blog first and then Instagram account at just the right time towards the end of March. Never believing I had it in me for one minute! I thought I might be just about okay and happy with a paint brush in my hand but your prompts took me to new happy places I didn’t know existed and even better I made new friends along the way. Thank you!

    Here’s to a very happy May and a great new list.

    Wishing you lots of happy stories, Gez


    1. Gez, I am so glad to hear from you! I couldn’t believe how well everyone responded to the challenge. I love creative writing and six-word stories, but being able to share it with people who think they “don’t have it in them” is more satisfying that I can express. Everyone has a story to tell. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m a little in shock that people actually read my blog, now. 🙂

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