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April Challenge Prompts: 6-Word Story Challenge (2017)

The weather is getting warmer, and my April challenge prompts will warm up your writing muscles, too. Try your hand at six-word stories to add a dash of literary fun to your bullet journaling.

April challenge prompts for the #PFSixWordChallenge. Daily creative exercise for your Bullet Journal!

April challenge prompts for the #PFSixWordChallenge. Daily creative exercise for your Bullet Journal!

April Challenge Prompts: 6-Word Story Challenge (2017)

Welcome to my 6-word story challenge (#PFSixWordChallenge)! the April prompts are live on Instagram.

6-word stories are an easy way to add a little creative push to your day. You don’t have to quit your day job to have fun with writing; it can be quick and clever. It’s tough to squeeze a whole story arc from only 6 words. That’s the challenge.

Here are a few of mine:

  • Homesick Colorado girl dreams of mountains.
  • Dear husband, I fired your girlfriend.
  • “I’m innocent!” (The judge did it.)

Ready for bigger writing projects? Take a peek inside my writing journal for inspiration.

If you’re feeling extra creative, try your hand at six-word poems (rhyming) on odd days. Six-word poems are new to the challenge this year, but they’ve added a whole new layer of complexity.  Micro-poetry is definitely outside my comfort zone. It’s a great way to flex your creative muscles.

Not sure where to start? See the examples of 6-word poems in the January 2017 Challenge post.

How to Play…

Six words. That’s all you get. Experiment and have fun with it!

  • Write whatever sparks in your mind. You are free to use the prompt words in your story, but it’s not required.
  • You can continue with the 6-word stories (non-rhyming) if you like.
  • If you’re ready for the extra challenge, try rhyming poems on odd days.

Where to Post

  • Post your stories on Instagram. For the best chance of being featured, tag your posts with the challenge hashtags.
    • #PFSixWordChallenge
    • #PFSixWordPoems
  • Feel free to tag me (@PageFlutter ), so I can give your awesome story a shoutout!
    • Not on Instagram? No worries; just play along on my Facebook page.

Printable Challenge Sheet: APRIL

Repost my challenge graphic in your Instagram feed for easy reference, then save the FREE printable (A5 size) and paste it into your bullet journal.

April Six-Word Story Challenge PRINTABLE


April challenge prompts for the #PFSixWordChallenge. Daily creative exercise for your Bullet Journal!


Remember: It’s not about having the “best” 6-word story. It’s about inspiration, so have fun & take creative risks!

If you need a little help getting started, check out my 6-Word Story board on Pinterest. For those of you looking to turn your six-word stories into larger projects, follow my boards devoted to the craft of writing. Happy journaling!

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