Year to a Better You: September 6-Word Story Challenge

We started our Year to a Better You in January, and it’s still going strong. September is here, which means you only have a few months left to make 2018 YOUR year! Now is the time to push yourself! Renew your sense of Perseverance with the September 6-word story prompts. 

Year to a Better You-September 6-Word Story Prompts | #6WordsBetter #writingprompts #6wordstory

Year to a Better You: September 6-Word Story Challenge

September is MY month! Not only is it my birth month, but it’s also when we hear the first whispers of fall drifting on the wind. I adore autumn and everything it brings with it!

It also means we’re on the downhill to a new year. I start to feel pressure this time of year to make progress on those lofty New Year’s goals.

Year to a Better You-September 6-Word Story Prompts | #6WordsBetter #writingprompts #6wordstory

With only a few months left, it’s time to dig down deep for those reserves we all have. September’s 6-word story prompts are meant to lift you up, boost your energy levels, and propel you toward that AWESOMENESS you’ve been envisioning. There’s till time, but we have to find a way to keep moving.

Along those lines, September’s theme for the Year to a Better You 6-word story challenge is Perseverance! As I write this post, I’m past my due date for Baby Boy #3. I gotta tell you, friend, I feel like throwing in the towel at this point and parking my pregnant butt in bed all day. Someone wake me up when I’m in labor! But that just won’t do.

There are way too many things to get done for my family, the blog, our new home, and myself. I need this month’s theme more than ever. As you join me in this month’s challenge, hold on to that feeling of perseverance.

We’ve come too far to give up now!

If this is your first month participating in one of my 6-word story challenges, keep reading for all the rules and details. This challenge harnesses your creative energy (journaling and creative writing) and puts it to work, so you can be your best self!

The NEW 6-Word Story Challenge for journaling, writing, self-improvement, mindfulness, and goal setting.

  • Each month has an assigned theme. I’ve modeled the themes based on the cycles we often experience in life. Sometimes we’re hopeful and full of imagination. Other times, it takes fierce determination and courage to make changes (don’t worry, the monthly themes will all be listed on the challenge prompts for the month).
    • January: Mindfulness
    • February: Gratitude
    • March: Imagination
    • April: Hope
    • May: Focus
    • June: Courage
    • July: Change
    • August: Determination
    • September: Perseverance
    • October: Inspiration
    • November: Friends and Family
    • December: Reflection
  • Write a 6-word story each day in response to the daily prompts. Scroll down for the printable September 6-word story prompts.
    • TIP 1: Keep the theme for the month in mind as you write your 6-word story each day. For example, September’s theme is Perseverance, and the daily prompt for September 1st is “Clash!” My response for this prompts is: “Beyond the battle, victory surely awaits.” The prompt made me imagine the clash of two armies. We all engage in battles daily. Battles as simple as what we want to do vs. what we have to do. Perseverance gives us the power to fight through those times and achieve our goals.
    • Tip 2: Don’t feel any pressure to follow the prompts too strictly. They’re only meant to tickle your imagination!

What is a 6-word story?

It’s a whole story in only six words. Six. That’s all you get. Since the word count is so tight, you can get really creative with contractions, punctuation, and tone to develop your story. Some people even add sketches and graphics to add another layer of creativity. Play around with these, take chances, and above all have fun with it!

  • Write whatever sparks in your mind. You are free to use the prompt words in your story, but it’s not required.
  • These are YOUR stories. They don’t have to be like anyone else’s.
  • If you’re feeling extra creative, try rhyming to make a 6-word poem.

Year to a Better You-September 6-Word Story Prompts | #6WordsBetter #writingprompts #6wordstory

Where to Share Your #6WordsBetter

  • Most of the 6-word story challenge takes place on Instagram. For the best chance of being featured, tag your posts with the challenge hashtags.
    • #6WordsBetter (new hashtag for 2018)
    • The old hashtags from the PF Six-Word Challenge still work. Use them all if you like. #PFSixWordChallenge and #PFSixWordPoems
  • Feel free to tag me (@PageFlutter ) so I can give your awesome story a shoutout! (Not on Instagram? No worries; just play along on my Facebook page.)
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Get creative with your 6-word stories. Dress them up with doodles, hand letter them, find a photo that helps tell your story…whatever speaks to you!

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Dry-erase fumes signal brainstorming success.
  • Winter surrendered to fields of flowers
  • Morning songs herald the day’s mission.

Ready for bigger writing projects? Take a peek inside my writing journal for inspiration.

Year to a Better You
September 6-Word Story Prompts (Printable)

Repost these prompts in your Instagram feed for easy reference. Or you can simply print the Year to a Better You September 6-word story prompts via this freebie printable (A5 size) and paste it into your journal.


Year to a Better You-September 6-Word Story Prompts | #6WordsBetter #writingprompts #6wordstory


Remember: It’s not about competing for the “best” 6-word story. It’s about building habits that inspire you to be your best.

So, take a few risks, immerse yourself in the theme for the month, and have fun with the challenge!

If you need a little help getting started, check out my 6-Word Story board on Pinterest. For those of you looking to turn your six-word stories into larger projects, follow my boards devoted to the craft of writing. Happy journaling!

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Year to a Better You-September 6-Word Story Prompts | #6WordsBetter #writingprompts #6wordstory

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