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Screen-Free Summer Activities to Beat the Boredom

I used my trusty Bullet Journal to plan some screen-free summer activities for kids (and grownups). Get ready to unplug and live your best summer ever!

Screen-free summer activities for kids and grownups + My Bullet Journal spread.


Screen-free summer activities for kids and grownups + My Bullet Journal spread.

Screen-Free Summer Activities to Beat the Boredom |

June is here, and we’ve definitely noticed at my house. My kids are out of school for the summer, which means I have extra noise, fights, “No-he-did-it”s, and the legendary: “Mom, I’m BORED!”

With a full-time blog, a book to write, my closest family a thousand miles away, and two kids out of school, summers have a tendency to turn me into a one-woman circus. I know I’m not the only mom who is tempted to send her kids away with a tablet just for a little peace and quiet. Real talk: I’ve caved to screens more times than I care to admit. So, I sat down with my journal to brainstorm some screen-free summer activities. My doodle page sparked even more ideas, so I just kept going.

Screen-free summer activities for kids and grownups + My Bullet Journal spread.

Many items on this list are independent activities (depending on the age of your kids), but others are fun ways to connect with friends or family away from electronics.

Even if you don’t have kids, chances are you spend too much time on electronic devices, too. I know I do! Between the blog, email, and social media, it feels like I spend half the day buried in my phone. This list is for grownups just as much as it is for kids.

Summer is too precious to waste on screens!

Screen-free summer activities for kids and grownups + My Bullet Journal spread.

My Summer Activities Bullet Journal Brainstorm Page

This project began, as so many do, with a page in my Bullet Journal. I brainstormed some fun ways to unplug with the kids. I don’t always brainstorm in doodles; in fact, I usually prefer simple lists. Summer seemed like a great time to celebrate color and creativity.

I quickly realized I needed 2 lists: activities the kids can do alone (when I’m occupied), and activities we can do together. My goal is to always have an alternative to electronics on deck. No waiting!

Quick/Independent Activities

After I made my journal pages above, I decided I needed some simple activities on hand for those “Mom, I’m bored” moments. I worked up this list of activities for quick redirects. Older kids will be able to manage most of these alone. Use your best judgement if you have younger kids.

  1. Do a puzzle
  2. Blow bubbles outside
  3. Run in the sprinklers
  4. Read a book
  5. Build a blanket fort
  6. I’m Bored Activity Cards
  7. Play outdoor yard dominoes
  8. Start a sticker book
  9. Write and draw in a journal
  10. Paint on a canvas
  11. Go on a backyard safari. Don’t forget your field notes!
  12. Build a Lego castle
  13. Learn hand lettering
  14. Fly a kite
  15. Create a sidewalk chalk masterpiece
  16. Write a letter to someone far away
  17. Study the night sky
  18. Jump rope
  19. Play with marbles, jacks, or learn yo-yo tricks
  20. Learn to tie sailing knots
  21. Make an improvised instrument
  22. Ride a bike
  23. Find butterflies and bugs
  24. Make up a song
  25. Create your own comic book
  26. Find and press wildflowers
  27. Create a fairy garden
  28. Paint a pet rock
  29. Learn Cat’s Cradle
  30. Do Yoga Pretzel Cards

Scree-free summer activities for kids and adults + my bullet journal spread!

With Friends/Family

While the list above is to keep the kids occupied, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t “getting rid” of the kids all summer. The activities below are great ways to unplug  as a family or circle of friends. Go nuts!

  1. Host a board game tournament: Hit all the classics like Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, Battleship, and Life.
  2. Start a club
  3. Put together a scavenger hunt
  4. Host a murder mystery barbecue
  5. Set up a lemonade stand
  6. Host a stargazing party
  7. Go on a road trip
  8. Slip n’ Slide
  9. Host a Mad Hatter Tea Party
  10. Go to a baseball game
  11. Organize a neighborhood theater production (outdoor)
  12. Make homemade ice cream
  13. Play Ultimate Twister
  14. Backyard camping
  15. Start a rainbow (veggie) garden
  16. Go to the zoo
  17. Make old-fashioned sundaes
  18. Put on a puppet show
  19. Go on a picnic
  20. Make a bonfire
  21. Piggyback ride races
  22. Water balloon fight
  23. Climb a mountain
  24. Leave happy quotes in random places
  25. Flash mob
  26. Be a tourist in your own town
  27. Play croquet with lawn flamingos
  28. Catch fireflies and release them
  29. Do a color run
  30. Go berry picking

Oh, no! Did I miss your favorite summer activities? Drop me a comment below to share your tips for ditching electronics this summer. 

Brainstorm with me!

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