40 Ways to Practice Gratitude for Yourself and Others

Try these 40 ways to practice gratitude to show others (and yourself) how much you value them!

Being appreciative and thankful is one of the most powerful ways to transform your life, health, and happiness. Read on to see how you can make gratitude your superpower!

40 Ways to Practice Gratitude for happiness, mindfulness, and wellness. | pageflutter.com

40 Ways to Practice Gratitude for Yourself and Others

Gratitude is all about being thankful for people, services, products, life, or yourself. This might include aspects of mindfulness, and it is an important aspect to self-care.

If you are familiar with my blog, you might be aware that I have a deep history with gratitude and how it has transformed my mental health. I have struggled with anxiety, but I was able to work through much of it utilizing a positive mental attitude and gratitude.

My favorite way to practice gratitude is through the use of artwork.  However, it may surprise you to learn there are limitless ways to practice gratitude, and I want to help you explore them!

Here are 40 ways to practice gratitude that you can implement in your daily life.

40 Ways to Practice Gratitude for happiness, mindfulness, and wellness. Photo of three friends on the beach at sunset. | pageflutter.com

How can you show gratitude to others?

When people think of gratitude, they often picture being grateful for others. Treating others in your life with kindness is an easy way to express how thankful you are for them. Plus, your act of gratitude can do wonders for that person. An act of kindness can mean the difference between a horrible day and the best day ever. A simple act of expressing gratitude is powerful!

Here are 20 ways to express gratitude for someone else:

  1. Send a thank you card
  2. Buy a small gift
  3. Take someone out for coffee or a meal
  4. Say “Thank you.”
  5. Express gratitude in words (beyond a simple “thank you”)
  6. Buy flowers
  7. Compliment a stranger
  8. Hold the door open for a stranger or friend
  9. Send your parents or caretaker a hand-made thank you card
  10. Tell someone you love them
  11. Tell someone you appreciate them
  12. Call your parent(s) or a friend
  13. Volunteer for a local non-profit
  14. Thank your kids
  15. Interact positively with your enemies
  16. Help a friend
  17. Share gratitude on social media
  18. Donate items you no longer need
  19. Thank your mailman
  20. Write a kind review of a product or service you enjoy
40 Ways to Practice Gratitude How to give thanks to friends and family. Photo of a bouquet of white flowers. | pageflutter.com

How can you practice self-gratitude?

A lesser known form of gratitude is self-gratitude, or gratitude habits that benefit the individual practicing them. Self-gratitude parallels and overlaps with self-care or self-love because they are ultimately synonymous. Practicing self-gratitude is about being grateful for yourself, what you have, and the life around you. By making this a habit, you can shift your thinking to be more positive and beneficial.

Here are 20 ways to practice self-gratitude:

  1. Buy yourself flowers
  2. Get a special treat
  3. Take a day off
  4. Get a pedicure or manicure
  5. Thank yourself in front of a mirror
  6. Make a list of things you are grateful for
  7. Write about what you are thankful for
  8. Keep items you are grateful for in a jar, and pick out one item when you are struggling
  9. Take a walk and be mindful of the things around you to be thankful for
  10. Meditate
  11. Keep a gratitude journal full of lists, artwork, or memories
  12. Create gratitude artwork
  13. Get a gratitude app on your phone
  14. Live in the present
  15. Think of 2 positives for every negative complaint you have
  16. List good qualities you have
  17. Post gratitude quotes around your home
  18. Follow positive accounts on social media for a regular dose of gratitude and positivity
  19. Pause before eating a meal to be thankful for it
  20. Spend extra time showing your pet love
40 Ways to Practice Gratitude. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles | pageflutter.com

As you can see gratitude can be so easy to practice! If you loved these gratitude ideas check out my gratitude Instagram challenge or these happiness promoting practices!

How do you make gratitude a part of your everyday life? Comment below with your ideas so we can keep spreading the positive energy!

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40 Ways to Practice Gratitude for happiness, mindfulness, and wellness. gratitude #mindfulness | pageflutter.com
40 Ways to Practice Gratitude for happiness, mindfulness, and wellness. gratitude #mindfulness | pageflutter.com




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